2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

This week I'm super excited to bring you a round up of all my sewing in 2019 in one fun (I hope!) fashion show. You can see 24 garments in four minutes with a bit of chat at the end on what I learned, how I progressed and how I plan to take my sewing forward.


This week I wanted to share everything I made in the last year - 24 handmade garments in a fun fashion show - check it out!

(Fashion show to music)

So I hope you all enjoyed that? I really enjoyed making the video and on a personal level it was a great way for me to reflect on what I achieved in the last year. I started sewing four years ago and every year I like to look back on what I've learned and achieved then plan some goals for the new year ahead.

I made 24 handmade garments compared to 13 the previous year. Aiming for a quantity or number of garments isn't ever a goal I'd set myself though because I think it could take the fun out of it.

What is nice is that I probably spent about the same amount of time sewing as I did the previous year, but achieved a lot more. I think this shows that by practising techniques over and over again you get quicker at doing them and start to really hone your skills. You also become familiar with how a garment is constructed and common ways that the patterns come together so it is immediately obvious rather than having to read and reread the instructions over and over again.

Whereas the numbers aren't important to me I am proud of the quality of the garments I've produced and again it comes back to that practise. I sew several times a week, but I do always have breaks for holidays and Christmas and the like and I find that really helps to reignite my enthusiasm and motivation. I'm always desperate to get sewing again after a break from my machine.

The most important thing about what I've made this year though is that I genuinely love wearing all the garments I've made. I'm now choosing them above shop bought clothes. This is probably because I buy far less clothes now too, but I genuinely love wearing the clothes I've produced because they are unique and individual to me, they fit well and are well made.

I buy far less clothes from the shops now than I ever have before. I only buy things I don't want to make or can't make because I can't get my hands on the materials.

My wardrobe feels far more thoughtful and carefully considered now and therefore far more sustainable.

I created a handmade wardrobe I genuinely love to wear by looking for the gaps in my wardrobe. I think of the times when I open the doors and stand there staring blankly thinking 'what am I going to wear to this event/occasion?' Then I start gathering ideas and inspiration on my favourite websites for looks I like. Next I work out which patterns and fabrics I can use to recreate the look and start sewing.

I probably haven't really stretched my skills too much in terms of techniques this year, but have honed and improved the ones I know to a point where I can complete them quickly. Having said that I've worked with some new fabrics including needlecord, leather look and sequins, which was a lot of fun.

I would love to work on some more challenging or time consuming projects like jeans or a coat, but I really struggle to find the time to do these. I could have them as a goal for next year, but I'm going to say if they happen they happen. I love making quick, easy, wearable garments and sharing them with you guys. It makes me really happy and gives me so much joy.

I hope you've enjoyed the video, if you like what you see please like and subscribe and perhaps share with your sewing buddies. See you next time.

Have fun sewing!


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