• Essential Patchwork and Quilting Toolkit Part 1

    Essential Patchwork and Quilting Toolkit Part 1

    Ever fancied having a go at quilting, but not sure what you need to get started? Already a quilter, but sometimes wonder whether you’re using the right tools and equipment? You’re in luck - our resident patchwork and quilting guru Joan is here to help you! Joan has written a series of informative posts where she goes right back to basics and explains the reasons why certain tools are preferable to others, what they are useful for and how you will use them. Even those of you who are experienced quilters and patchwork fans may benefit from a read since it easy to fall into a habit of using certain methods without ever considering an alternative. As with all sewing and crafts using the right tools can take the experience from stressful, difficult and frustrating to easy, fun and enjoyable! You never know we might just share something that could make your life a whole lot easier!

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  • The Six Most Iconic Vintage Dress Patterns

    Iconic Dress Patterns

    Hello all, we hope you’ve had a good week? Here at Sew Essential we’ve been beavering away adding new products to our website and promoting our new indie sewing pattern range - we hope you like it as much as we do?!

    We also couldn’t help but notice the news story on Mom’s wearing pyjamas on the school run. How is this relevant to a sewing blog you might ask, but I think any debate around fashion and clothing is relevant and interesting to those of us who like to sew their own clothes. In this article we briefly ponder how our attitudes to dress code have been revolutionised in recent decades and indulge in celebrating the glamour of yesteryear with our six most iconic vintage dress patterns.

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  • A Dressmaker with the X Factor!

    Cherilyn LeesonThis is the first in a series of unique interviews with a select few super skilled sewists who also happen to be Sew Essential customers. These super sewers have turned their favourite pastime into a successful career and we’re sure you’ll enjoy having a peek into their world, hearing their stories and seeing their makes as much as we did!

    First up an incredible young lady called Cherilyn Leeson. Full of energy and an insatiable passion for sewing and dressmaking she is currently building and growing her bespoke dressmaking business ‘English Country Vintage’ using her experience and skills gained from a glittering career in the world of costume making.

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  • Sew The Costumes From The Dressmaker Movie

    Sew The Costumes From The Dressmaker MovieThere are plenty of reviews of the latest Kate Winslet film ‘The Dressmaker’ written by film critics who are really good at that sort of thing. We, on the other hand, probably are not! So rather than attempt a review of this film we thought we would talk about what our followers and customers are really interested in - the clothes, clothes, clothes and the sewing patterns and fabrics you can use to make them!

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  • Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic Review

    Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic Review

    So you’ve heard the hype, you’ve watched the videos and seen the price tag - £7,499! Now you’re wondering if the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic is as good as everyone is making out. The simple answer: it SO is! We took part in our training at Husqvarna's head quarters on the 22nd October and collected our showroom model. Since then our sinks have been full of dirty crocks, we haven’t cooked a decent meal and we’ve barely left the house!

    Ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get it - we’re smitten! Below we’ve outlined our favourite features so far to give you an insight into this incredible piece of modern machinery. We think it makes sewing and embroidery easier and more enjoyable than ever before! We've also included a picture of our first project completed using the Epic so you can see the results for yourself.

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  • Welcome to the Sew Essential Blog!

    The All New Sew Essential BlogWe’ve spent the last two years redeveloping our website to bring it right up to date and make it easier and more enjoyable for you to use. Whilst we’re still making updates on a weekly basis we’re finally in a position to introduce our blog! We are so excited to be able to share the advice, tips, trade secrets and makes we’ve been sharing with our local customers for years with a wider digital sewing audience. We want this blog to be a go to resource for sewists on a range of hobbies and topics and also to provide you with a bit of light entertainment through our attempts at humour, interviews, events and news stories from the sewing and craft world. We’ll update you on Facebook and Twitter when new articles are added so you can easily keep up to date with the blog as it grows. So who will be writing it we hear you shout! Let us introduce you to the blog team...

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