Christmas Sewing Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide

It's so great when someone has a hobby like sewing and you can give them a Christmas gift they truly want to receive - right? Only problem is you need to know what to buy. For anyone out there who is scratching their head (or who wants to help someone scratching their head with a few subtle hints and a gentle nudge!) read on for our favourite Christmas sewing gifts.

The Simplicity Vintage Range

This selection of pocket friendly, super stylish and quirky sewing themed goodies was sent by the sewing Gods for exactly this moment! Prices range from just £1.99 to £18.50 and you can choose from beautiful sewing themed bookmarks, fridge magnets, mugs bags and more.

We love this handy storage tin for squirrelling away buttons, notions or even sewing snacks! No one will ever know your secrets and your sewing room will look oh so pretty.

This stylish tote bag is a great way to show the world your love of sewing and reduce your plastic bag usage.

Simplicity Vintage

Madeira Seamfix Stitch Ripper

Ok so pretty much everyone who is into sewing has at least one seam ripper, but we'll bet they don't have one quite like this. So many of our die hard sewing friends were raving about these when they discovered them.

Not only is there a tool for ripping those seams out, there are also innovative thread removers on each end. Simply drag them across those annoying stray threads left behind by unpicking to quickly and easily remove them and save you a whole bunch of time.

Madeira Seamfix Stitch Ripper

Prym Tailor's Ham & Sleeve Roll

In our experience one of the most common sewing tools sewists manage without is a tailor's ham and/or sleeve roll. It's true, when you first start sewing you can manage without them, however, if you're keen to achieve a truly professional finish on your handmade garments these pressing aids are a must.

They provide a firm, curved surface to press seams and allow you to mould and shape areas of the garment as required.

The ham is ideal for princess seams, darts and sleeve heads and the sleeve roll is useful for sleeve seams, trouser seams and collars.

They also have a checked wool fabric on one side for pressing fabrics with a deeper pile and a smooth fabric on the other side for pressing other fabric types.

What a great pressie for any sewing fanatic.

Prym Tailors Ham and Sleeve Roll

Antique Style Scissor Gift Set

These copper blossom 4.5" embroidery scissors with filigree handles come in a pretty presentation box complete with a 150cm retractable tape measure with magnetic back.

Ideal for snipping away stray threads on any sewing or embroidery project and looking effortlessly beautiful casually cast aside on any table or work surface.

Antique Style Scissor Gift Set

Leopard Print Sewing Machine Bag

I mean who knew a sewing machine bag could be so on trend?! Don't let your sewing machine bag cramp your style when going on holiday or to sewing classes and choose one of our fab designs to complement your own personal style.

We also love the fact they not only look good, but are practical too. Made from strong, durable fabric with a handy pouch for storing accessories they make mobile sewing easy peasy.

Animal Print Sewing Machine Bag

Sew Essential Gift Vouchers

If you simply can't decide why not give a gift voucher, available in denominations from £10 - £100. With over 20000 sewing goodies on our site there are special treats waiting for every sewing fan, the hardest part is choosing.

Gift Vouchers

Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine

If you're looking for a pocket friendly first sewing machine that will see you beyond life as a beginner the Janome 725S is the perfect gift.

Packed full of lovely features, easy to use and the sewing machine of choice on the Great British Sewing Bee no less.

You can watch our full review of this excellent machine here.

Janome 725S

Brother 2104D

If you are finally going to take the plunge and buy your first overlocker the Brother 2014d is a great buy.

For entry level overlockers we love the Brother models because they are so easy to thread plus they create lovely neat stitches and are easy to use.

Finishing seams and sewing jersey and knit fabrics will be quick, easy and enjoyable with the Brother 2104d at your hands.

Brother 2104D

Well we really do hope you have a Christmas full of sewing goodness and hope you've enjoyed our festive gift ideas.

Have fun sewing!


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