Fabric Haul August 2017

This week I'm bringing you more drool worthy fabrics and suggested pattern pairings in my latest vlog. Grab a cuppa and settle down for some sewing inspo. There are a few hints at the coming Autumn/Winter range in here too. Enjoy!


Hi and welcome to the Sew Essential vlog. I'm here today to bring you another fabric haul. I think it's a vlog is a really nice way to show you new fabrics, how they drape and hang and give you a good idea of the size of the print. I'll also make some suggestions for patterns to pair them with because I've had feedback that people find this useful. I've also tried to make suggestions for a range of figure types because I've had feedback that this would be helpful.

Before I crack on with this gorgeous range of fabrics I wanted to mention my latest make. It is Simplicity 8330 in our gorgeous floral scuba fabric. You can get the pattern and fabric on our website.

Without further ado I'll get on with the new fabrics.

Tropical Print Georgette

The first one I wanted to talk about it this gorgeous double georgette, which is 100% polyester. Lots of nice movement and drape as you can see. Ideal for summer tops and dresses. I love the contrast of the brightly coloured birds and flowers on the dark background, I know birds are always really popular.

If you are looking for a pattern for a fuller figure we have the Cashmerette range on our website. If you haven't tried them they are great - they don't require a full bust adjustment. The one I think would work really well with this fabric is one of the latest ones, which is new on the website. The Webster top and dress - a sleeveless top and dress with a lovely little cross over strappy detail on the back and a hi-lo hem. Loose fitting so it is nice and comfortable and cool for the summer.

The other pattern choice for this fabric is one I've had on my pinboard for a good while is this Vogue pattern 1483.  I absolutely love the playsuit, it has a V neck, a zip down the front, an elasticated waist with a blouson effect at the top and little sleeves. I would wear this day to day and think it would look great in this fabric.

Floral Print Jersey

Then we're going to move onto this gorgeous floral print jersey fabric, which is John Kaldor. Absolutely gorgeous colours. Although it is a jersey it is a crepe jersey so there isn't a huge amount of stretch in it so just bear that in mind. I think it would be suitable for this Simplicity pattern 1653, which is an amazing fit pattern so it caters for a whole range of sizes so there is something for everybody.

The other alternative is a nice pencil skirt. A pattern I've used before is this McCalls pattern 3830 which comes in five different lengths so there is something for everybody. It doesn't have a waistband, but you could add one if you wanted to. It is a really excellent pattern, but bear in mind it is for woven fabrics and this fabric has some stretch. I would always cut the fabric according to my measurements on the pattern packet and then you can always size down, which is what I did with this dress made from scuba using a woven pattern.

Abstract Retro Print Jersey

A really cool fabric, a definite 70s vibe. It is a polyester jersey and I think it would look lovely again in the Simplicity 1653 wrap dress or as Jalie 2910. Jalie 2910 is a lovely faux wrap top with different neck and sleeve options. There is actually a picture on the pattern packet of the top made up in a similar fabric and I think this would work really well.

The Simplicity pattern 1653 I mentioned would also be a really good pairing for this emerald green and black jersey fabric. It has a very small ditsy print on it. Nice and drapey and a good amount of stretch.

Rose Print Knit Jersey

Another fabric I want to talk to you about is one that I absolutely love. It is another jersey, a knit jersey, polyester and acrylic. A rose print, definitely more of an autumn/winter fabric, but for those of you who like to be organised and get ahead it is a really good buy. It is such a lovely, lovely print, I love the pink against the black background.

The patterns I chose for this were just nice simple jersey Tshirt tops such as the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes or the Sewaholic Renfew. I can just imagine it with a pair of jeans to add a feminine twist.

The other pattern I wanted to suggest was a Cashmerette pattern, which is the Dartmouth jersey top.  It is a cross over jersey top with quite a few variations you can mess around with and make it your own.

Tropical Flower Ponte

The nest one I wanted to talk to you about is another one of my favourites. This awesome tropical flower ponte roma fabric, I just love it. I think it would look really good made up in Simplicity 8330, the pattern I'm wearing at the moment. It is quite a stable knit, not huge amounts of stretch to it. The pattern I mentioned is for a woven, but I think it could work well with this fabric you just need to be aware of the sizing. I cut the dress I'm wearing down two sizes from the size suggested by my measurements on the packet, but I would recommend cutting that bigger size and testing it and sizing down.

The McCalls skirt 3830 I mentioned earlier I think would also work really well, which is a nice pencil skirt. Again it is a pattern for woven fabrics so just be prepared to test the sizing out.

Hummingbird Lawn

More absolutely beautiful cotton lawns, lovely for summer. This gorgeous hummingbird cotton lawn has beautiful flowers, birds and colours and beautiful drape. The thing I thought would look really cute in this is the Gertie B6453 sundress pattern. It has been really popular this summer. If you haven't seen it, it is a sundress with an option for a fitted or a full skirt.

Small Floral Lawn

The next one I insisted on buying is this lawn, I just love it, it is so, so pretty. My plans for this would be to do a Sew Over It Rosie dress. It is a sundress with a fitted bodice and a full skirt and different options for the neckline and is boned as well.

Abstract Floral

Another lovely cotton fabric, this one is a poplin. Once again gorgeous colours, one of the things we try to do is not just stick to our personal preferences colour wise so there is something for everybody. I really love this one, my idea for this one is a Sew Over It Ultimate shift dress. On the pattern packet there is a similar retro large floral print. The dress is apparently a really quick, easy, simple sew. There are options for a frilly neckline or sleeves so you can make it your own.

Floral Print Crepe De Chine

Finally there are a couple of crepe de chines, another one I absolutely love. It is so hard to keep up with all of the amazing fabrics we have here, I would have a wardrobe full if I could. This has a lovely aqua background and a floral print with this lovely magenta/cerise pink. A lovely drape, lightweight and flowing.

I thought this would work well with Mccalls 7601. A flowy halter neck top ideal for summer. There are options for cold shoulder and frills, but there is also a simple halterneck option too.

Also the Pendrell blouse pattern would work well. Again you have options for very simple clean lines or you can go for a bit of flounce. I also thought it would work very well with this crepe de chine, another vintage inspired print.

So that's it from me, I hope you've enjoyed the vlog and found it useful. As always the links to our blog and website are listed below where you can find the patterns and fabrics. Also please like and subscribe if you like what you've seen and I'll see you next time.

Have fun sewing!


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