Fabric Haul Spring 2017 Vlog

Fabric Haul Spring 2017

Feast your eyes on our fabulous range of new dressmaking fabrics perfect for the new season. Get an idea of the drape, get inspiration for what to make and get ready to drool - they are beauties!


Hi and welcome to the Sew Essential vlog I hope you're all well.

I previously mentioned the huge range of new fabrics we recently sourced and I am thrilled to say they are up on the site! 59 new fabrics have been added to the site and we are still waiting for a few more to arrive in stock. If you're looking for inspiration for that spring/summer wardrobe look no further! I am seriously, seriously excited about these fabrics and my mind is working overtime planning all the things I want to make with them.

Clearly I couldn't do a single vlog to showcase nearly 60 fabrics, I would be here all day, so I've broken them down into three separate vlogs. In this first one I'm sharing some gorgeous knit fabrics, cotton lawns and shirting fabrics. In the next vlog I'll cover our new season John Kaldor fabrics and in the final vlog I'll be sharing a delightful range of polyester and viscose fabrics with you.

As always I'll put links to our website and blog below and I'll put links to the individual fabrics in the blog post so you can snap them up. All of the patterns I mention are also available on our site and I'll link to these in the blog too. The prices of the new fabrics range from around £3 per metre to around £14 per metre so whether you're looking for a bargain or a splurge we've got it covered. The composition, widths, washing instructions and suggested uses are listed for each fabric and you can even filter them by fabric type or print design in the largest section, patterned woven fabrics.

Knit Fabrics


So here are the gorgeous knits. I am so excited about these. The first one I have to show you is this incredible scuba, it was love at first sight for me with this one. Doesn't it just scream summer?!

I'm planning on making a bodycon dress with this and might have to treat myself to some strappy hot pink heels to go with it. I'm thinking possibly McCalls 7531, but making it sleeveless. I've also seen people make some awesome one shoulder tops or bardot tops with a big ruffle running round it in scuba and think this fabric would look fabulous made into one of these and worn with a pair of fitted trousers. This is literally my idea of fabric heaven.

We've got another retro geometric print scuba, which I also love. It is always nice to mix the floral prints up with some geometrics.

The great thing about scuba is the structure you can create. If tight fitting bodycon dresses aren't your thing a fit and flare dress would also look amazing in this fabric.

I haven't sewn with scuba before myself, but I'm planning to do it on my overlocker. If you aren't sure exactly what scuba is it is a double knit similar to a ponte roma, but has a very smooth and matt finish. One of the best things about it - it doesn't fray so there's no need to finish the seams. Scuba is sometimes confused with Neoprene, but Neoprene has a layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of fabric whereas scuba is two fabrics knitted together.  As a result scuba is lighter weight, more flexible and has a little more drape, but can still hold some structure.

So if you fancy dipping your toe in the water these fabrics are a great place to start plus we also have some plain black John Kaldor scuba which we've added to the site too.

Viscose/Spandex Jersey

Next up we've got some viscose/spandex jersey fabric. This is a lovely soft, lightweight jersey fabric perfect for making tops, dresses and skirts. The pattern is really pretty little pink, grey, black and green dots on a neutral background. I think it would make a lovely Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top and would be ideal for making a nice wrap dress both perfect for the transitional weather we're currently experiencing! We've also got a viscose/spandex jersey in black with a pretty, white dragonfly print on it. This fabric is so feminine and pretty and I've got it earmarked for a wrap dress. I'm thinking Simplicity 1653 which is an amazing fit pattern.


Then we've got this geometric jersey fabric, which I absolutely love. The mint green with the purple and blue is really unusual and so fresh, perfect for spring. I'm planning on making a Moneta maxi dress hack with this fabric to deal with the weird weather we've been having recently. I reckon a denim jacket and some little navy striped pumps will set it off a treat.

Bringing even more colour to the party is this lovely abstract floral print and I love the vibrant colours set against the black and white. I think pretty much anything would look awesome in this and the same goes for this abstract floral print. I love the turquoise and the royal blue together, what a great combo.

Poly/Viscose Jersey

We've also got these poly viscose jerseys one in navy with a white butterfly print and this super tropical digital print. I'm planning on making the tropical one up into a pencil skirt to wear with a white t-shirt or vest top and black flat sandals. All of these jersey fabrics would make great dresses, tops and skirts and will bring a lovely pop of colour to your new season wardrobe.

Cotton Lawns

This is a new exciting range of cotton lawns we've introduced and oh my they are to die for! These are perfect for summer dresses, blouses and skirts, although you'll probably love them so much you'll wear them all year round. As you'd expect with cotton lawn they drape beautifully and are lovely and soft against the skin. The quality of these fabrics is fantastic.

We've chosen a nice variety of geometric, floral and abstract prints in a wide range of colours so there's something to suit every taste. My personal favourites are the retro florals here and here, which I think would make awesome 70s inspired maxi dresses, the bold florals, which would make perfect strappy sundresses oh and all the others. I love them all! One of the first things I'm planning to make is a Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic in this floral print on a grey background. I'm thinking I can wear black tights in cold weather and bare legs and sandals when things improve!

Shirting Fabrics

I'm also super excited about these shirting fabrics they are an absolute steal. You can tell they are ex designer simply by touching them - the quality is exquisite. The designs are great too - spots and stripes, you can't go wrong. The man in your life would seriously love you if you were to make him a shirt in one of these.

I've added links to our website and blog below and I've linked to the specific patterns and fabrics I mentioned in the blog post so you can find them easily. To be honest, thanks to the filters on our website you should be able to find them pretty easily there anyway so maybe just head straight over there.

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Have fun sewing!


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