Our Favourite New Sewing Gadgets

Hi and welcome to the Sew Essential vlog. Today I wanted to share some of the fantastic new products we've recently added to the website. There are so many fun and inventive products to make your life easier and help you to get great results with your sewing projects. These are just a few of my favourites - I would be here all day if I tried to talk about all of them! As always the links to our website where you can find the products are below.



Point Presser and Clapper

The first product I want to show you is this point presser and clapper. We commissioned a local craftsman to handcraft these from hardwood. Each and every one has been lovingly made by hand here in the UK. So what do you use them for?

Firstly the point is used for pressing hard to reach areas you can't flatten out easily for pressing. For example the point of a collar, the bottom corner of a jacket, the points in cuffs, lapels. Here I have a sample collar I made. You simply slide the fabric along the wood and the point allows you to get right into the corner. Then press. Repeat on the other side.

Turn the collar through, roll it under and press then use the clapper to stamp down on the fabric. The stamping action punches the steam through the fabric and creates an unrivalled professional, crisp edge. Keep the clapper there until the steam has been absorbed into the wood, a couple of minutes.

If you're looking for a really professional finish on your garments good pressing is absolutely vital. This tool will take your sewing to the next level and is used by professional tailors and dressmakers. There's nothing more frustrating than struggling to get into those hard to reach areas when pressing, especially when you know it will let the overall look and finish of your garment down.

Another tip from the professionals is to use silk organza as a pressing cloth. We sell it the half metre. If you cut half a metre in half again and overlock the edges you have created yourself the perfect pressing cloth. Transparent so you can see exactly what you are doing and capable of withstanding the highest temperatures and protecting your garment. You can even create a little loop using ribbon to slide it onto your wrist for ease of use.

This best press spray is also fantastic for pressing. If you accidentally press a crease in the wrong place or are struggling to get creases out of a fabric after washing spray it on and press for great results.

Simflex Sewing Gauge

Next up this little fella - the Simflex sewing gauge. This tool is absolutely brilliant for achieving accurate spacing on garments. For example when marking buttonholes. It is pretty fiddly/tiresome/boring sitting and marking each and every buttonhole with a tape measure - right? With this gauge you decide how far apart you would like your buttons, set the gauge and mark them on the fabric. You can also use the little grooves here to mark where to sew the buttons on the other side of the garment so they marry up.

There are also markings for 1/4" 1/2" and 3/4" alongside this hole so you can accurately mark the size of the buttonholes.

You can also use it for pleats, scallops, smocking, shirring, anywhere you need to create accurate spacing quickly and efficiently.

There are also markings for 1" to 6" down each of the spacers. If you wanted to mark something at regular intervals 3" from the edge of the fabric for example.

Prym Mini Iron, Mini Ironing Board and Iron Rest

We also have these fab little steam irons from Prym. These are great if you don't have a dedicated sewing space where you can leave your full size iron and ironing board up. Or if you want to work on small areas and have more visibility. You know those times when you don't want a full sized iron getting in the way and obscuring your view. Like certain crafts, small areas in dressmaking and quilting. They are also great if you don't have lots of room to fit a full size iron in your workspace. They are lightweight and easy to handle and manouvere too. They also make a handy little travel iron.

If you are short on space these mini ironing boards are also excellent. You can even use this on top of your work surface or desk. They are also excellent for pressing anything tubular such as trouser legs or wide sleeves.

Finally we have these silicon iron rests. If you are working without a full size ironing board you can rest your iron (full size or mini) on this pad and your work surface or table will be protected.

Pattern Weights

These new pattern weights are so lovely I just had to share them. The designs are absolutely beautiful - here I have bees, dressmaking themes and party rings. There are a whole host of other designs on our site. They are available in 40mm, 50mm and 60mm - the smallest come as a set of six and the 40mm and 50mm are available in sets of four.

What I really love about these is the fact they are a good weight, however, they are nice and slimline. This makes cutting round them so, so easy whilst holding the pattern pieces in place. They are such a super little product perfect for brightening up your sewing room and lovely as a gift.

True Bias Sewing Patterns

Next up I'm very excited to share a new pattern range we've added to the website. We are now stocking True Bias patterns. Here I've got the Lodo, Nikko, Roscoe and Hudson patterns. we are also just waiting for a shipment of more Ogden camis and Lander pants, which have been super popular.

They are an incredibly fashion forward brand of sewing patterns and we are thrilled to be stocking them.

Pressing Aid

We also have these pressing aids to help with accurate pressing in areas such as hems, pockets and collars. These little perforations allow you to either mark your fabric or as a marking to line your fabric up with as you fold it round. For example if you want to sew a 5/8" hem just mark or line your fabric up with the relevant point and you will get an accurate measurement all the way along.

The straight and curved edges mean you can use them for straight and curved hems and areas such as pockets. They are made from a flexible heat proof material they are easy to manoeuvre and get into position.

There is also no build up of moisture on your fabric thanks to the perforations.

A really super little tool that again speeds up one of the tedious steps in your sewing projects so you can spend more time on the fun bits.

Deluxe LED Needle Threader

This needle threader is another innovative little product to make life easier. It comes with an LED light to light up the needle eye and wire for ease of threading. The wire retracts away when not in use and it also includes a thread cutter. The battery is long life and lasts for up to 3000 needles. Plus it also has a hole to attach it to a lanyard so you never lose it. Say goodbye to straining your eyes!

I hope you've enjoyed that little round up. Remember there are so many other new products on the website too - come and have a nosey!

Have fun sewing!


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