Sewing in Scuba

If you follow our blog you will know I recently tried sewing with scuba for the first time. I have to say it was an absolute pleasure. I have been waxing lyrical about it ever since. In fact my love runs so deep I thought it warranted a blog post all of its own. Here are my five reasons for sewing with scuba.


Firstly it is tough stuff. I stitched and unpicked the bodice of my dress several times to get the perfect fit. The scuba didn't mind a bit. You can man handle it, put it through its paces and it will still come out looking shiny and new.

Unpicking Scuba


It is nice and stable. There's enough stretch to make fitting easier, but not so much you need to worry about it stretching out of shape. No walking foot or extension table necessary. Just sew.

Ease-y Going

It is a breeze to ease. Easing is one of the sewing tasks I dislike the most and yet with scuba, no problemo.

Working with Scuba

No Fuss

You don't have to finish the seams. No fraying. Enough said.

Scuba Seams

Well Behaved

It is easy to sew. It isn't too thick, it isn't too lightweight. In fact it is juuuuussst right! As long as you choose the right needle. Always test on scraps first until you get results you are happy with. I tried a stretch needle first and found my machine was skipping stitches. After swapping to a ball point it was pretty, neat stitches all the way.

Needle for Sewing Scuba

The Perfect Man Fabric

Strong, stable, easy going, no fuss and well behaved. I think I've just described my perfect man! Whilst one of these might be hard to find we are adding to our scuba range all the time making it easy to find your perfect match. You can find them in our 'Patterned stretch jersey fabrics' section of the website here. Keep checking we have some beauties in the new Autumn Winter collection due to be added in the coming weeks. The fabric in the photographs in this post is still available here.

Have fun sewing!


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