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  • How to Machine Sew a Shirt Yoke - the Burrito Method

    How to Machine Sew a Shirt Yoke - the Burrito Method

    Sewing a yoke on a shirt or dress creates some interesting detail and a professional looking finish, but what about the inside? Some sewing patterns suggest sewing a yoke on the inside and outside, usually hand stitching the internal yoke. Well here's a technique that allows you to machine stitch the whole shebang and feel like a total sewing ninja.

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  • How to Sew an Understitch

    Understitching Tutorial

    Understitching is a basic sewing technique that is crucial in achieving a professional finish to your handmade garments and is actually quite enjoyable too (IMHO). Find out what an understitch is, why it is so important plus step by step photos and a video of how to complete this essential sewing task.

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  • How to Sew a One Step Buttonhole

    How to Sew a One Step Buttonhole

    Most modern sewing machines come with the option for sewing a one step buttonhole. This means the machine will create the right sized buttonhole for your button in, you guessed it, one step. In this tutorial we'll show you step by step how to sew it.

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  • How to Sew a False Pocket on Jeans and Skirts

    How to Sew a False Pocket on Jeans and Skirts

    I know we all love pockets, but sometimes on tight fitting jeans, jeggings or skirts I want the design feature, but not the bulk of a real pocket bag. If you look on your ready to wear garments they will often feature a false pocket for this very reason. Here's how to create your own and bust some scraps at the same time.

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  • Fast Easy Way to Unpick Overlocker and Coverstich Stitches

    Fast Easy Way to Unpick Overlocker and Coverstich Stitches

    Unpicking overlocker and coverstitch stitches isn't fun, but it's a lot easier and quicker if you know how. Having said that, no matter how many times I do it I always have to remind myself how to do it so I thought I'd write it down and share it with you lovely folk. Maybe that way it will stick?!

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  • Sewing with Knit & Jersey Fabrics

    Sewing with Knit and Jersey Fabrics

    Although some sewers find them a daunting prospect, knit and jersey fabrics are great to sew with, even if you don't have an overlocker. They are comfortable to wear, more forgiving on fit and they don't fray plus there are so many knit and jersey fabrics and sewing patterns to choose from these days too. Here are our top tips for getting professional results every time.

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  • How to Start Sewing

    How to Start Sewing

    Nothing excites me as much as the ever increasing number of people who want to start sewing and dressmaking. Thanks to a thriving online sewing community, craft and sewing focused TV programmes and a wider understanding of how these activities can benefit your mental health and general wellbeing more and more people are getting the bug. Ok, you're sold, but just how do you start sewing?

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  • Top Tips for Sewing with Sequin Fabric

    Top Tips for Sewing with Sequin Fabric

    Let's cut straight to the chase - my biggest tip for sewing with sequins is to just go for it! Every girl needs a little sparkle in her wardrobe and it isn't anywhere near as difficult as you might imagine. Follow our top tips and you will be taking the world by storm in your dazzling handmade outfit in no time.

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Fix Stitch Quality Problems

    How to Fix Stitch Quality Problems

    As a specialist sewing machine dealer for over 15 years we've helped many customers to overcome stitch quality problems. In our experience the vast majority of problems can be easily resolved at home by following these 7 tips.

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  • How to Raise and Lower Bust Darts VLOG

    How to Raise and Lower a Bust Dart VLOG If you're going to the trouble of making a garment it's worth taking the time to achieve a good fit from your sewing pattern. One of the key areas of focus is the bust and by learning a few simple sewing pattern adjustments it is easier than you might think. In this week's video I show you how to raise or lower a bust dart and explain why you might want to do this.

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