My Sewing Plans for 2017 #makenine

My Sewing Plans for 2017 #makenine

Following on from my first year in sewing here are some of my sewing plans for 2017 where I'll be joining in with the #makenine on Instagram to keep me on track, I hope you enjoy it.



Hi and welcome to the Sew Essential vlog and once again a massive thank you to everyone who is viewing our videos and joining in with comments and likes. It is so encouraging to see so many of you engaging and I'm always really keen to hear your thoughts so please keep them coming.

Today I'm wearing my recently made 60s pinafore dress in our lovely tartan fabric using our Simplicity 1252 sewing pattern with my kwik sew 4069 turtleneck top in our Isabella wool jersey fabric. I've blogged about the dress and the pattern matching and lining techniques I used and have included the link below.

In the last vlog I reviewed my makes for 2016, my first year in sewing, and said that I would follow up with my plans for this year in the form of a #makenine list. For anyone who doesn't know #makenine is an initiative on Instagram where sewists share nine things they would like to make this year so I thought I would join in on the fun. I sort of did this last year and it worked really well - I recently found the list I made and was pleased to see I made most things I set out to and I wear them a lot too.

All of the sewing patterns I mention are available on our site (I've included the link below) and the fabrics are either on the site or are coming soon. When the new fabrics are up on the site I'll do a fabric haul vlog and will share them all with you so stay tuned for some fabric goodness!

My make nine is mostly Spring/Summer garments because that is where my mind is focused right now - I'm pretty happy with my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and I just can't stop dreaming about sunshine!

When I think ahead to warmer weather the clothes I have squirreled away in drawers I can see that casual day dresses and skirts are still severely lacking.


I recently bought a lovely ready to wear denim winter shirt dress and thoroughly enjoy wearing it so I thought I'd put a shirt dress on the makenine list. I'm also keen to make something in gingham this year and I love this loose fitting gingham number (pinterest image) and thought I could adapt this Vogue 8927 pattern to recreate it. I would just need to shorten the placket and alter the sleeve length and we have some lovely gingham due to go up on the website soon.


The gingham shirt dress is pretty casual and not really a shirtdress in the strictest sense so I would also quite like to make a more traditional shirtdress, perhaps a sleeveless version like this McCalls 7084 which I think would be perfect in this Sevenberry geometric fabric. It is a lovely cotton linen feel fabric which would hold a structured shirtdress beautifully and I've been dying to make something in it ever since we got it in stock.


I was never that excited about the Bettine dress by Tilly and the Buttons probably because I always associated dresses with dressing up rather than day wear. Now I've revolutionised my wardrobe and live in skirts and dresses in the day I think the Bettine would be the perfect addition to my spring/summer wardrobe! I saw a really cool cold shoulder hack on a blog called 'Self Assembly Required' and would like to try it out in a delightful Ikat viscose abric we've just had in (coming to the website soon).


I loved my 'Where's Wally' red stripey McCalls maxi dress soooooo much and wore it all summer long. It was a complete revelation how casually dressed you could feel in a maxi dress by making it from jersey and I need more of these in my life! I really fancied making this McCalls 7121 maxi in our hot pink St Tropez stripe jersey fabric and having a go at the chevron effect for a new challenge, but we only have a limited amount of that fabric left so I need to let our lovely customers have that really! I will be sourcing more lovely jersey fabrics though so something along these lines will be on the list.


I love a good A line skirt that sits just above the knee and is a flattering shape on me so I will probably make another New Look 6106 or something similar perhaps in a nice printed denim. I'm also tempted to sew a circle skirt in a nice drapey fabric because this isn't a shape of skirt I've ever really worn and I think they can look really good with ankle boots and a casual top for when it's not quite warm enough for summer sandals.


So I'm all about skirts and dresses these days, but trousers most definitely have a place in my wardrobe and I think it is high time I tried to make some! I've always loved the Sew Over It ultimate trousers and think they would be a great place to start. I'd like to make these in a nice stretch cotton such as our John Kaldor Marmaris plain fabric or a nice print such as our Ohio fabric.

So I thought that was enough to keep me going on the casual front and then I had to think about what else I would like to make. So I made a big thing in my last vlog about the fact I never go out anymore and have no life , but I think my social life is actually having a bit of a revival. The kids are older now and I'm finding I am going out more and more and spending more and more time staring into my wardrobe saying 'I've got nothing to wear!' because I've been so focused on making/buying the every day stuff and convincing myself I have no life. So I'm thrilled to feel that I'm fully justified in making some dressing up/going out clothes.

I've recently realised just how much I love a skirt and top combo - it feels dressed up without feeling too over the top. I really love this pencil skirt and cami top as a great example (Pinterest image).


I've had an off cut of this gorgeous John Kaldor Ohio fabric in my stash since last year and desperately wanted to make a pencil skirt with it, but we ran out of stock in the warehouse and I hate to promote a fabric to you guys unless you can get your hands on it too - I mean how cruel would that be?! Good news is we have it back in stock and the pencil skirt is well under way using this lovely Simplicity 2154 vintage sewing pattern.


I'm making a trendy cami top in our gorgeous fuschia John Kaldor satin backed crepe to go wth the skirt plus it will look nice with trousers as an alternative. Pink is my favourite colour, was bang on trend for Autumn/Winter and is a key player in the Spring/Summer 17 trends too with cami tops fitting right in with the current 90s trends. I'm using Simplicity 1366 to make this top.


We've just sourced the most beautiful white viscose fabric with a strong 70s vibe print in all my favourite colours and I need it in my life! I think it would look great as a maxi dress such as this New Look 6372 sewing pattern and would be the perfect dress for evenings out on our summer holiday.

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Have fun sewing!


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