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  • 8 Reasons You Can't Stop Buying Fabric

    8 Reasons You Can't Stop Buying Fabric

    Sewers without a ridiculous fabric hoard are hard to find, but why? Here we ponder the reasons behind our inability to resist fabric - one of the most addictive substances known to man!

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  • How to Achieve the Perfect Fit from your Sewing Pattern


    There are thousands of sewing patterns available on our website, but the biggest mistake you can make when choosing your sewing pattern size is to assume it will be the same as the ready to wear size that fits you on the high street. Dress pattern sizing schemes have no connection or correlation with ready to wear sizing schemes and each sewing pattern company uses its own sizing scheme. Having the ability to adjust a sewing pattern for the perfect fit is a useful skill and isn't as difficult as it sounds.  All of the sizing charts are available on both our website and the sewing pattern packets so you can have a good look before you buy.

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  • Welcome to the Sew Essential Blog!

    The All New Sew Essential BlogWe’ve spent the last two years redeveloping our website to bring it right up to date and make it easier and more enjoyable for you to use. Whilst we’re still making updates on a weekly basis we’re finally in a position to introduce our blog! We are so excited to be able to share the advice, tips, trade secrets and makes we’ve been sharing with our local customers for years with a wider digital sewing audience. We want this blog to be a go to resource for sewists on a range of hobbies and topics and also to provide you with a bit of light entertainment through our attempts at humour, interviews, events and news stories from the sewing and craft world. We’ll update you on Facebook and Twitter when new articles are added so you can easily keep up to date with the blog as it grows. So who will be writing it we hear you shout! Let us introduce you to the blog team...

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