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  • The Great British Sewing Bee Patterns & Shopping Lists

    Sewing Bee S06E10

    How on earth is it Sewing Bee final week already?! My nine year old Son is already desperately trying to find a new excuse to stay up late on a Wednesday! Will the contestants blow us away? Just how tough will the challenges be? Let's find out.

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  • The Top Five Beginner Sewing Patterns

    Top 5 Beginner Sewing Patterns

    If you're new to sewing your own clothes a list of tried and tested beginner sewing patterns is a great place to start. Simple, easy to make, easy to fit dressmaking projects that will allow you to build your confidence with some of the most common sewing techniques on easy to sew fabrics. Here's my list of the top five beginner sewing patterns tried and tested by yours truly with one important piece of advice - don't be scared just have a go.

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  • Sewing the Spring 2020 Trends

    Sewing the Spring 2020 Trends

    Spring is always so full of hope and promise - sunny days, daffodils and snowdrops and sewing the Spring trends - yippee!!!! New trends are popping up everywhere and so are the sewing patterns and fabrics you can use to get those looks. My excitement levels could not be higher as I share them with you right here.

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  • Mother's Day Sewing Gift Guide

    Mother's Day Sewing Gift Guide

    Whether you have a Mother who sews or you're a sewing Mama who wants to drop some (ahem) useful hints we've got you covered with our Mother's Day Sewing Gift Guide. A range of pretty and pocket friendly ideas whatever your budget.

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  • How to Sew an Understitch

    Understitching Tutorial

    Understitching is a basic sewing technique that is crucial in achieving a professional finish to your handmade garments and is actually quite enjoyable too (IMHO). Find out what an understitch is, why it is so important plus step by step photos and a video of how to complete this essential sewing task.

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  • Sewing Butterick Dress Pattern 6481

    Sewing Butterick Dress Pattern 6481

    I actually sewed this Butterick dress up way before Christmas, but my love for it hasn't waned one bit. I wore it to the Sew Essential Christmas party, my friend's dad's 70th birthday party (rock and roll!) and will be wearing it tonight for a night out with the girls. Read on to find out why I love it so much and some super interesting construction methods too.

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  • How to Sew a One Step Buttonhole

    How to Sew a One Step Buttonhole

    Most modern sewing machines come with the option for sewing a one step buttonhole. This means the machine will create the right sized buttonhole for your button in, you guessed it, one step. In this tutorial we'll show you step by step how to sew it.

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  • 2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

    2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

    This week I'm super excited to bring you a round up of all my sewing in 2019 in one fun (I hope!) fashion show. You can see 24 garments in four minutes with a bit of chat at the end on what I learned, how I progressed and how I plan to take my sewing forward.

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  • How to Sew a False Pocket on Jeans and Skirts

    How to Sew a False Pocket on Jeans and Skirts

    I know we all love pockets, but sometimes on tight fitting jeans, jeggings or skirts I want the design feature, but not the bulk of a real pocket bag. If you look on your ready to wear garments they will often feature a false pocket for this very reason. Here's how to create your own and bust some scraps at the same time.

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  • Sewing Jalie 3903 - a Simple Knit Shift Dress

    Sewing Jalie 3903 - a Simple Knit Shift Dress

    Hello again, I hope you all had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year? I have quite a backlog of sewing projects to share with you and thought I'd get started with this Jalie knit shift dress. Comfortable and easy to wear it was versatile enough to fit the bill for Christmas day with all the family and a Pearl Jam tribute gig, what a winner!

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