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  • Sewing a Needlecord Ness Skirt

    Sewing a Needlecord Ness Skirt


    As soon as I laid eyes on this floral needlecord I knew it was destined to become a Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt. It was super soft, had a nice amount of stretch and would be a fun new fabric for me to sew with. Find out my top tips for sewing with needlecord and why I LOVE the Ness skirt. And I mean LOVE.

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  • Sewing a Simple (My New Fave) Knit Dress

    Sewing a Simple Knit Dress

    I have a stack of sewing makes piling up waiting to be blogged including my new favourite knit dress. This Burda 6609 sewing pattern and our textured wine coloured jersey are a match made in heaven (IMHO). An incredibly easy, fast and satisfying sew and something I want to wear again and again it's a total wardrobe winner.

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  • The Great British Sewing Bee Contestants 2019 - Series 5

    The Great British Sewing Bee Contestants 2019 - Series 5

    We are less than a week away from the hotly awaited Great British Sewing Bee series 5 airing. I haven't sensed this much anticipation or excitement since surrounded by a bunch of under sevens on Christmas Eve. With a new host (Joe Lycett) and ten new contestants we are in for a real treat. Let's find out a little bit about the chosen ones and the first set of challenges they'll face...

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  • #makenine 2019 Sewing Plans

    #makenine 2019 Sewing Plans Last week I looked at how I fared against my #makenine sewing plans for 2018. This week I've taken on board the lessons learned/thoughts provoked/startling realisations and used them to make my plans for 2019. Grab a cuppa and settle down for some sewing pattern and fabric excitement!

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  • #Makenine 2018 Sewing Review

    #Makenine 2018 Sewing Review

    A New Year is a great excuse to reflect and plan, especially when it comes to sewing. Ok I realise I am a little late to the party here, but surely  it's never too late to take stock and look back on how you got on with your sewing goals for the year? Find out how I got on against my plans and what I've learned from reviewing them. I love doing this every year and find it uncovers some surprising facts.

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  • How to Make a High Round Back & Forward Shoulder Adjustment

    How to Make a High Round Back & Forward Shoulder Adjustment

    One of the most common fitting problems in sewing is a high round back. Apparently it is another phenomena we can blame on frequent computer and desk based work. It is certainly a key fitting issue for me and I thought it might be useful to share how I tackle it. In this article I'll show you step by step how to alter your pattern to fit and I've even included a handy video too.

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  • My Latest Makes Jan 2019 VLOG

    My Latest Makes Jan 2019 VLOG

    This week on the vlog I share my latest makes. Two super easy sews but two very different looks, both of which I have been wearing loads! Hear all about the patterns, the fabrics and my tips and techniques used to create them.

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  • Sewing a Crepe de Chine Blouse

    Sewing a Crepe de Chine Blouse

    This week I'm pleased to bring you my latest make - a crepe de chine blouse. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the fabric and adapting the pattern to my liking not to mention adding another leopard print garment to my wardrobe. I mean a girl can never have enough leopard print, can she?!

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  • How to Sew with Slippery Fabrics

    How to Sew with Slippery Fabrics


    Depending on who you are and how busy your social calendar is, party season is either already upon you or fast approaching. So what are you making? Probably something shiny, glitzy or all of the above. Slippery fabrics like crepe de chine, silk and satin make dreamy party attire, but they can be a nightmare to sew. Not if you follow our top tips for sewing with slippery fabrics. They'll make all your party dress dreams can come true.

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  • Win £125 of Sewing Goodies in our Christmas Kids Out Charity Raffle

    Kids Out Charity Raffle

    Christmas is such a lovely time for many of us. Cherished time spent with family and friends, exchanging gifts and making memories. For me, remembering those who are less fortunate is also an incredibly important part of Christmas. Each year I make personal donations to children's charities in the hope I can make a child's Christmas that little bit better. This year I wanted to do more.

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