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  • Sewing a Simple Shift Dress

    Sewing a Simple Shift Dress

    After sewing my first ever pair of jeans I thought it was time to treat myself to a nice easy sew. Thanks to my carefully considered #makenine list it was easy to choose something that fitted the bill and I knew I would wear. Hello floral shift dress AKA dinner parties and restaurant visits sorted for Spring/Summer this year.

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  • Sewing with a Twin Needle

    How to Use a Twin Needle

    We recently started hosting Q&A vlogs, which have been hugely popular and a great way to interact with our lovely customers and followers. It has also increased our awareness of what you would like to learn more about hence today's blog article on sewing with a twin needle. In this article we'll take you through twin needle basics and look at trouble shooting when you don't quite get the results you're looking for.

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  • Sewing the Spring/Summer 2018 Trends

    Sewing the Spring/Summer 2018 Trends

    I don't know about you, but I am so over winter! I keep finding myself day dreaming of sunshine and summer dresses willing the grey skies and baltic temperatures to kindly push off! To help lift my mood I've spent some time picking out the key trends for Spring/Summer 2018 and the patterns and fabrics you can use to get your handmade wardrobe bang up to date. As always the focus is on the truly wearable rather than wacky catwalk.

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  • Sewing a Pair of Jeans

    Sewing a Pair of Jeans

    I decided to start the New Year with a bang: sewing my first ever pair of jeans. I made a series of quick, simple sews at the end of last year then had a break from sewing over Christmas. Refreshed and reinvigorated it was time for a challenge. I chose the Jalie Eleonore pull on jeans pattern, winner of the 'best pants/jeans pattern' award on Pattern Review for the last two years, and our mid blue stretch denim. I thought it would be a good way to dip my toe in the water and start the learning journey of fitting trousers. Find out what I learned, my thoughts on the pattern and why I recommend giving jeans a go.

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  • Fabric Haul Vlog February 2018

    Fabric Haul Fabruary 2018

    This week's vlog is essentially me drooling over fabrics! I run through my picks from our latest range, pair them with patterns and make suggestions for creating garments to transition the seasons seamlessly. It's time to share the fabric love!

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  • Top Tips for Sewing with Leather and Faux Leather

    Top Tips for Sewing with Leather and Faux Leather

    Have you ever fancied sewing with leather or faux leather? If so you are in luck. This week we are sharing a beautiful bag our very own Angela made from faux leather and her top tips for getting great results with these fabrics. For an extra little twist Angela even machine embroidered a design onto the faux leather so there are tips for that too!

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  • Q&A : Sewing Tips Vlog

    Sewing Tips Q&A #1 Vlog

    This week's vlog is all about you! Just before Christmas we invited you to ask us any burning questions and we promised to answer them in the New Year. So here are the answers and thank you for some really interesting questions. Also please do join in the fun with what will become a regular feature on the vlog and leave any questions you have in the comments below.

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  • Sewing with Knit & Jersey Fabrics

    Sewing with Knit and Jersey Fabrics

    If you haven't already noticed we do so love sewing with knit and jersey fabrics at Sew Essential. Comfortable to wear, easy to fit and to sew - what's not to love?! Whether you are firmly in our camp or terrified by the very thought of sewing with stretch fabrics, this article is packed full of tips and tricks to help you get professional results every time. Continue reading

  • 2018 Sewing Plans #Makenine

    2018 Sewing Plans #Makenine

    At the start of a new year, sewing projects are my favourite things to reflect on and plan. You may have seen my recent vlog where I shared everything I made last year. Here I'm reviewing and planning my #makenine AKA a fun little hashtag you can get involved in via Instagram or just for fun. The idea is to choose nine garments you would like to make over the course of the year and see how it goes. No pressure just a bit of fun. Read on to find out how I did in 2017 and what my thoughts are for the coming year.

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  • Tried & True Sewing Patterns

    Tried and True Sewing Patterns

    After sewing for two years I've actually hit the point of sewing the same pattern more than once. It was something I always said I would do after each successful project, but secretly thought I'd probably never get around to it. I thought I would always want to try something new and exciting. I would be too busy honing new skills to spend time making something a second or third time. Well I was wrong, I am a total convert and will explain why. Looking ahead to 2018 I thought it might be interesting to consider whether tried and true patterns will be a part of your sewing journey this year.

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