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  • Sewing a Wrap Dress #sewtogetherforsummer

    Sewing a Wrap Dress

    I've been meaning to sew a wrap dress forever and I finally got around to it. Whilst looking for inspiration I stumbled across a lovely ready to wear dress and instantly knew Simplicity 8608 was just the ticket.

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  • How to Sew an All In One Double Sleeve Cuff

    How to Sew an All In One Double Sleeve Cuff

    This double cuff tutorial is a great way to change the sleeve design of a garment. I always think a rolled up cuff looks modern and casual. A kind of 'I just threw this on, but my look is totally put together' vibe. Learn how to do it in just a few easy steps.

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  • The Top Seven Sew Your Own Prom Dress Patterns

    Make Your Own Prom Dress

    Summer prom and special occasion season is nearly upon us. If you are tasked with making your own or someone else's dream gown here is some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing! If your summer prom days are long behind you fear not these patterns and fabrics are also ideal for weddings, cruises and summer balls or any other special occasion. Seven stunning dress patterns and gorgeous fabrics perfect for the Belle of the ball.

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  • Sewing the Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic

    Sewing the Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic

    It seems like Spring might just actually be here and I need something to wear! I have been so used to fumbling around in the dark to grab ANOTHER jumper each morning that I hadn't actually thought about what I might wear if the sun finally made an appearance. Well apparently there is a distinct shortage on the short sleeved top front. In other words the perfect excuse to make another item on my #makenine list - the Pendrell blouse by Sewaholic. I made it in our gorgeously pretty and drapey new viscose fabric and I love it!

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  • Our Favourite New Sewing Gadgets

    Our Favourite New Sewing Gadgets

    Hi and welcome to the Sew Essential vlog. Today I wanted to share some of the fantastic new products we've recently added to the website. There are so many fun and inventive products to make your life easier and help you to get great results with your sewing projects. These are just a few of my favourites - I would be here all day if I tried to talk about all of them! As always the links to our website where you can find the products are below.

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  • Top Tips for Sewing Machine Sewn Buttonholes

    How to Successfully Sew Machine Sewn Buttonholes

    Buttonholes are a crucial part of many sewing projects, but can be a scary prospect. Adding buttonholes is often one of the final steps in a project making it even more nerve wracking. Get them wrong and it could spoil all of your hard work - gulp! In this article we share our top tips and techniques to keep you cool as a cucumber when completing this vital step. You never know, you might even grow to like them!

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  • Sewing the Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse

    Sewing the Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse

    I am a big fan of blouses yet I have never owned a pussy bow blouse. Scandalous I know! Bored of the limited selection of blouses in my wardrobe I decided to whip up the Sew Over It pussy bow blouse. I heard it was a super easy make and we had some deliciously drapey viscose in stock, which was the perfect partner.

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  • How to Finish Seams - Five Sewing Techniques to Master

    How To Finish Seams: 5 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

    Love it or hate it, finishing seams is a crucial step in producing a well made garment. Using an overlocker or overcasting stitch on your machine are the most common techniques, but there are plenty of other fun alternatives to try. In this article we share a few of the most common seam finishing techniques that might just crank up the excitement levels when it comes to this step in your dressmaking!

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  • Q&A #2 Sewing Tips Vlog

    Sewing Q and A 2 Vlog
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  • Sewing a Simple Shift Dress

    Sewing a Simple Shift Dress

    After sewing my first ever pair of jeans I thought it was time to treat myself to a nice easy sew. Thanks to my carefully considered #makenine list it was easy to choose something that fitted the bill and I knew I would wear. Hello floral shift dress AKA dinner parties and restaurant visits sorted for Spring/Summer this year.

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