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Kwik Sew 4069 Make

In previous posts I mentioned I lined up some nice, quick, easy sews to bounce back from my denim skirt saga and this Kwik Sew 4069 pattern was always going to make it into the pile! Elena of the 'Randomly Happy' and Edina of 'The German Edge' both picked this pattern when we collaborated with them for a blog post and I thought both of their versions were lovely. They also chose the same great fabric and I followed suit - our Isabella wool jersey. I have been waxing lyrical about this stuff all over Instagram and there are a lot of people who seem to agree it is just beautiful and perfect for those warm winter makes to keep you cosy and snug whatever the weather.

Having the benefit of Elena's and Edina's posts and experiences I knew the sizing for this top was fairly big so I cut a size small, which was the correct size based on my bust and hip measurements, but several inches too small on my waist measurement. My waist is 29" and the pattern size small is for a 24 3/4" - 26" waist. Despite the foresight about the sizing I was worried that a 3" discrepancy might result in a top that was mega tight and clinging onto my stomach so I graded it out slightly at the waist. Of course I pre washed the fabric and made sure I cut it with the most stretch across the width of the top. I also adjusted the shoulder seam forward having tried the pattern tissue on. (I talked through tissue fitting in my previous Tilly and the Buttons Agnes article).

Kwik Sew 4069 Front Kwik Sew 4069 Back

The lovely Edina and Elena also pointed out that the neckband comes up very big so I joined it and tried it on, then trimmed it down and repeated the process again and again until I was happy with how snug the neckband was. I took a good few inches off before I was happy - I mean the whole point of a cosy turtleneck is keeping those nasty winter chills out surely?

Kwik Sew 4069 Turtle Neck

Trimming the neckband down also meant that it was the right size for the neckline and I suspect it would have been too large and would have ended up saggy if I hadn't reduced it. Having made two other stretch fabric tops recently I could feel it was small enough as I pinned it to the neckline, however, I discovered a great method for checking the length of your neckband for stretch tops if you don't feel so confident and I made a little video to show you how (see below).

In a nutshell you lie your garment flat with the two shoulder seams on top of one another then take your neckband (folded in half lengthways) and try it against the neckline to check it needs to be stretched approximately 1" - 2" to match up with the neckline.

Sewing the top was easy peasy on my trusty Babylock Imagine overlocker and I managed to make it in a couple of hours while Alex napped and Toby wrote his Christmas cards. Toby is five so needed a lot of supervision and I ended up having to write the names on most of the envelopes so this is further evidence of how easy a make this Kwik Sew top really is.

I used a twin needle on the hems and after testing it first decided to use tearaway stabiliser again to reduce the tunneling effect where the fabric between the two lines of stitching is raised.

Kwik Sew 4069 Twin Needle

I am thrilled with the end result, the fabric really is gorgeous and is nice and warm without being too heavy plus it feels lovely and soft against your skin. It might not be the most exciting make in the world, but it will get some serious abuse in the coming months thanks to the fact it goes with everything and I mean everything in my wardrobe. When I'm rushing around at 7am trying to get two children ready for the school run, eyes half shut and wishing I could get back into bed this top is just what I need - throw it on, goes with anything, job done. It also works wonders for my jeans amnesty (I have promised myself I won't live in jeans this winter) and creates a nice casual look when worn with a skirt. I'm currently working on this fabulous Simplicity 1252 60s pinafore dress in our on trend tartan fabric to wear over it and cannot wait to channel my inner mod! I haven't worn a pinafore since school and now I'm making one I can't ever imagine why.

Have fun sewing!


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