Sewing the Hudson Pants by True Bias

Sewing the Hudson Pants by True Bias

There was a time in my life when the Hudson pants would never have been on my to sew list. The most comfortable thing I had in my wardrobe was a pair of skinny jeans. These days I'm still a lover of dressing up, but when I get home after a long day I neeeeeeed comfort. The Hudsons well and truly tick this box and (I think) they look great too - yay! Read on to find out all about this perfect cosy loungewear pattern and why I love it so much.

Sewing Pattern and Fabric

Everyone went mad for the Hudson pants sewing pattern when it was first released a year or so ago. As usual I'm the last one at the party, but I'm so glad I made it in the end.

There are two views to choose from - a full length and a cropped length. Both have an elasticated waist, optional drawstring, ankle cuffs and side pockets.

The fit is lovely and modern with a comfortably loose fit at the hips and a tapered leg. This means they feel relatively smart (as far as jogging bottoms go) and can be dressed up to look presentable with a T-shirt and denim jacket. Alternatively you can mooch about the house without fearing a knock at the door, but as comfy as if you were wearing your PJs.

Hudson pants and fabric

I chose our new fleece back sweatshirting fabric in charcoal. As the name suggests it is super soft and warm. It was probably a tiny bit shy of the amount of stretch suggested for the pattern, but I was sure it would be ok. Check out my comments on the ankle cuffs below for more info on this subject.

I was a little worried the fabric might be too warm thanks to the fleece backing, but I even wore them on a four hour plane journey back from Tenerife and they were absolutely fine.

Hudson Pants View 2

Adjustment and Sizing

I wouldn't normally make a trouser pattern without making a toile first, but seeing as the Hudsons are joggers and made in a stretch fabric I thought I'd take my chances.

I made a straight size 6 and I'm happy to report they fit beautifully - yay! The only adjustment I did make was to lengthen them by 2" since I noticed they were drafted for a 28" inside leg and my legs are a little longer. First I added an inch to the trouser part, tried them on and then added an inch to the cuff too.

I love the way they are a fairly snug fit yet still totally comfortable.

Hudson Pants View 3


The construction is lovely and easy and the instructions are easy to follow.

My favourite bit was sewing the waistband with our nurses belt elastic it gives such a lovely professional finish and is so comfy to wear too. Before attaching the waistband the pants were much too big around the hips, but the waistband draws them in nicely.

Sewing the Hudson Pants Waistband

I also enjoyed adding the cuff detail, although I wish I had used our ribbing fabric instead of the sweatshirt fabric because it is much stretchier and designed for these sorts of jobs. I used the sweatshirt fabric because I'd already cut enough to cover the cuffs too, but if I made them again I'd use cuffing.

The cuffs in the sweatshirt fabric are a little snug to get on and off, but completely comfortable to wear so not a problem at all.

Sewing the Hudson Pants Cuffs

The pattern instructions didn't suggest finishing the waist seam allowances, but I decided to overlock these for a professional finish.

Finishing the seams on the Hudson Pants

I also used a lighter weight stretch lining to line the pockets because I didn't want them to be too bulky.

Sewing the Hudson Pants pockets

I created button holes, but decided not to insert a drawstring. I couldn't find anything suitable and actually think I prefer the look of the buttonholes on their own.

Final Thoughts

I have lived in these Hudson pants since the day I finished them. Now I want a pair in every colour. Seriously guys the love runs deep.

Hudson Pants View 1

Shopping List

Have fun sewing!


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