Sewing a Simple (My New Fave) Knit Dress

Sewing a Simple Knit Dress

I have a stack of sewing makes piling up waiting to be blogged including my new favourite knit dress. This Burda 6609 sewing pattern and our textured wine coloured jersey are a match made in heaven (IMHO). An incredibly easy, fast and satisfying sew and something I want to wear again and again it's a total wardrobe winner.

The Pattern and Fabric

Fabric and Pattern

The pattern is a simple shift dress design with a centre front seam and options for sleeveless, short or long sleeved versions.

There are also two pocket styles to choose from and it can be made in a versatile range of fabrics thanks to the simple clean lines.

Opt for stretch or woven fabrics, although something medium weight such as wool or ponte to hold the shape.

I chose to make view C in our gorgeous wine coloured textured ponte fabric. I knew the fabric would work well, but be comfortable and warm and be easy to sew.

I absolutely love the colour too. Add a splash of red lippy and you have a smart casual look that is so easy to wear.

I should also mention the fabric is a dream to cut out. It lies nice and flat the selvages line up perfectly and there is none of that ends rolling up malarkey going on.

It is a total bargain at just £4p/m too.

Simple Knit Dress View 1

Adjustments and Sizing

I cut a size 10 at the top grading to a 12 at the waist and hips.

Due to the fact I was making it in ponte I omitted the zip at the back. I knew it wouldn't be necessary and just folded the back pattern piece over 5/8" to remove the seam allowance and cut it on the fold to create one piece.

I moved the shoulder seams forward, but didn't do a high round back adjustment and am kicking myself for this!

As a result the shoulder seams are in the right place at the shoulder end, but are too far back at the neck end. Lesson learned I will not make this mistake again - silly me.

Sewing a Knit Dress

I also raised the bust darts. I thought I was being super clever and based how much I moved them on a toile I made in a similar fabric.

Unfortunately I didn't unpick the darts on the toile before marking my bust point. When I transferred the bust point onto the pattern piece it was too high as a result.

So the bust darts are now too high instead of too low. I can live with that for now, but at least I know for next time.

Every cloud has a silver lining - I did learn how to raise bust darts and it was very easy indeed. I am hoping to share a tutorial with you very soon on this adjustment making sure I stress about getting the bust point right!

Simple Knit Dress View 2


Sewing the dress was lovely and easy, especially seeing as I omitted the zip. I made it on my Babylock Desire 3 coverlock machine using the overlocker to sew the seams and the coverstitch to sew the hems.

My oh my what a joy it is to sew knit hems on a coverstitch machine.

Sewing a Hem on a Coverstitch Machine

I cannot tell you how easy it is to get the most professional looking results in a matter of minutes.

I cut the pockets out, but when I held them against the dress I preferred it pocket-less.

Simple Knit Dress View 3

Final Thoughts

A brilliant pattern and fabric and a dress I love wearing despite the silly fitting mistakes. I hope I get around to whipping another one up minus the mistakes next time.

Simple Knit Dress View 4

Shopping List

Have fun sewing!


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