Simplicity 1114 Jumpsuit Pattern In John Kaldor Hermione Fabric

Simplicity 1114 Jumpsuit In John Kaldor Hermione Fabric

I spotted this Simplicity jumpsuit pattern aeons ago, I thought it looked really modern and stylish and used it to promote our Simplicity patterns on social media. When our John Kaldor Hermione fabric arrived I knew I had to make something with it. I love the tropical feel of the print and when I wore it one of my girlfriends commented that it reminded her of something you'd see in one of my favourite high street stores, Warehouse, which only served to increase my love of it. I originally thought I might make some loose fitting trousers with the fabric and then I remembered the lovely jumpsuit pattern and my next project was born.

I had a quick squiz on pattern review to see if anyone had any comments or suggestions to make. There was only one review by a lady who said the pattern was great, but that the V back came down a little too low at the back exposing her bra strap. The lady in question decided not to wear a bra, I decided to adapt the pattern! I simply added an inch to each back bodice pattern piece and this seemed to work really well. I also put a little hand stitch where the bodice pieces met on the front and back of the jumpsuit to prevent any gaping and wardrobe malfunctions!

Simplicity 1114 Jumpsuit Back View

I also had to make some adaptations to the sizing. As usual I was in one size bracket for my bust and hips (small) and another for my waist (medium - thanks motherhood!) I knew it was important to have plenty of fabric at the waist to create the bloused effect so graded the pattern out to a medium at the waist on the bodice and trouser pattern pieces.

Simplicity 1114 Construction 1

I made sure the gradient was the same for the bodice and trouser pieces by measuring at what point I hit the small cutting line and applying this to each piece. I also ensured they would meet in the middle by lining them up with one another when drawing my new cutting lines.

Simplicity 1114 Construction 2

Overall this project was really very easy. I found that top stitching the edge of the bodice pieces was a little tricky because the fabric seemed to be gathering slightly, but I gently pulled it taught as I fed it through the machine followed by a good press and this resulted in a nice smooth finish. I hand stitched the bias binding across the front bodice pieces and then thought I might as well do the same round the armholes (mostly motivated by the fact 'The Bake Off' was on so it gave me a nice excuse to sit in front of the TV, yet still be productive!)

Everything came together really well, although I'm sure one of the straps is slightly longer than the other probably due to over stretching one of them when pinning it to the bodice since they were cut on the bias. Luckily I didn't notice it at all when I wore the jumpsuit so I've either got wonky shoulders or it was only a very slight difference in the straps.

I love the little exposed triangle at the front, which gives a nice bit of detail, but isn't too revealing.

Front View

I was really excited to have a go at making the trousers seeing as I've never made trousers before. I'd had a terrible week trying desperately to catch up on things after the six weeks school holiday and not getting very far. I was shattered by Friday night and really should have taken myself to bed, but I was determined to do something productive and decided the trousers for the jumpsuit were it.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly and I was so happy after my one step forward two steps back week that I was finally managing to accomplish something. I was switching between my overlocker and sewing machine like a super efficient and busy beaver. I had promised myself an early night and by 10pm I had finished the trousers (this is completely unheard of for me by the way, I usually dramatically underestimate how long something will take and find myself saying 'just this one last bit' for the 500th time at 1am!) Things could not have been better and I was feeling incredibly smug as I turned the trousers the right way out. Within seconds all feelings of smugness disappeared as I realised I had created a pair of trousers only wearable by an umper lumper. I had sewn the wrong seams together in my haste and eagerness. Thank God they looked so hilarious otherwise I think I would have cried. There was only one thing for it - bed!

The following day I woke up refreshed and full of purpose and unpicked the trousers completely before I left the house for my 9am Park Run (seriously, this is how determined I was!) The following afternoon I snuck off to my sewing machine for an hour or so and concentrated carefully on which seams I was joining together thinking about how it would work rather than just looking at notches as a guide.

The big learning point was that you join the front and back pieces of each trouser leg together then open them out and lay the legs on top of one another to join them at the crotch seam. The inside leg of the trousers did gather slightly as I sewed them, but they turned out alright after a press and once attached to the bodice. When I mentioned this to Angela she said using my walking foot would have helped to prevent this because the fabric was cut on the bias where the trouser pattern piece curves round.

Jumpsuit Full View

My adaptations worked well round the waist - everything joined up nicely and I definitely achieved the bloused effect plus a comfortable fit.

Simplicity 1114 Jumpsuit Full View 2

I have to say I'm absolutely thrilled with this make, I wore it to dinner with the girls the day after I finished it and they were full of compliments. The fabric is so lovely and soft and the design of the jumpsuit is ultra comfy with it's elasticated waist and a really good fit on the trousers. I decided to wear a nice waist belt and strappy heels with it for a more formal, evening look, but it is easily dressed down for day with flat sandals and no belt. An item of clothing that can comfortably take you from day to night, fits beautifully and takes just a few hours to make - really - what more could you ask for?!

Have fun sewing!


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