• My Latest Sewing Makes July 2020

    My Latest Sewing Makes July 2020

    This week I'm sharing my latest sewing projects with you on the blog/vlog. I stitched up two easy to sew tops that I've been wearing on strong rotation ever since I sewed the last stitch: the Adrienne blouse by the Friday Pattern Company and the Rowan Tshirt by Megan Nielsen. As always I'll talk you through fabric choices, size and fit and construction techniques - enjoy!

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  • New Season New Look Patterns and Fabrics

    New Look Issue July 2020

    Who doesn't love a new season pattern release? In this video I've picked out a few of my favourites from the latest New Look collection and have paired them with fabrics you could sew them up in for some sewing inspo. Keep watching until the end and you'll see a slideshow of all the designs too. Get ready to add to your 'to sew' list!

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  • 2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

    2019 Sewing Round Up Fashion Show

    This week I'm super excited to bring you a round up of all my sewing in 2019 in one fun (I hope!) fashion show. You can see 24 garments in four minutes with a bit of chat at the end on what I learned, how I progressed and how I plan to take my sewing forward.

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  • New Sewing Patterns November 2019 VLOG

    New Sewing Patterns November 2019 VLOG

    This week I'm sharing the new sewing patterns we've added to the site in the last month. We have a new issue from Butterick and also a new pattern from Sew Liberated. I was really impressed with the Butterick new season release and have a top pattern, a coat pattern, a jumpsuit pattern and a dress pattern to share with you plus the new Estuary skirt pattern from Sew Liberated. As always I'll share fabrics you could pair them with and everything I share is available on our site and the links are below.

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  • Top Tips for Sewing with Sequin Fabric

    Top Tips for Sewing with Sequin Fabric

    Let's cut straight to the chase - my biggest tip for sewing with sequins is to just go for it! Every girl needs a little sparkle in her wardrobe and it isn't anywhere near as difficult as you might imagine. Follow our top tips and you will be taking the world by storm in your dazzling handmade outfit in no time.

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  • What Sewing Tools Do I Need To Start Sewing?

    What Sewing Tools Do I Need To Start Sewing

    You've decided you'd like to start sewing (yippee!) but what sewing tools do you need? Like any new hobby you want to have the necessary equipment to make it easy and enjoyable, but you don't want to spend a fortune in case it doesn't work out (trust us, it will!) Here's our no nonsense guide to getting that balance juuuuust right.

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  • Sewing the Trends Autumn 2019

    Sewing the Trends Autumn 2019

    Autumn has officially arrived so it's time to start sewing the key trends of the new season. I've picked out six Autumn trends from the High Street plus the sewing patterns and fabrics you can use to recreate the looks. You can even mix and match the individual pieces to create a capsule wardrobe. Get ready for some autumnal tones and seriously cosy vibes. Continue reading

  • My Top Five Sewing Machine Feet

    My Top Five Sewing Machine Feet

    Having the right tools for the job can make such a difference to any sewing task, especially when it comes to sewing machine feet. Ok it is possible to complete most tasks with a very limited selection of feet, but use the feet designed with the specific task in mind and they can take it from tricky and time consuming to fun and easy. Here I share my top five sewing machine feet, which save me time and my sanity! Continue reading

  • Fabric Haul July 2019

    Fabric Haul July 2019

    It's time for some fabric loving folks! This month I've picked out a few of my favourites for summer and, as always, I make suggestions for sewing patterns to pair them with.

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  • How to Raise and Lower Bust Darts VLOG

    How to Raise and Lower a Bust Dart VLOG If you're going to the trouble of making a garment it's worth taking the time to achieve a good fit from your sewing pattern. One of the key areas of focus is the bust and by learning a few simple sewing pattern adjustments it is easier than you might think. In this week's video I show you how to raise or lower a bust dart and explain why you might want to do this.

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