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Cut-Away Stabilisers

Cut-Away Machine Embroidery Stabiliser is used where a fabric is likely to stretch and therefore by cutting it will prevent distortion of the design.

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Cut-away stabiliser is great for providing permanent support and stability to machine embroidery on fabrics that are stretchy, knit, or prone to distortion. They remain attached to the fabric after the embroidery is complete. This permanent support helps maintain the shape of the embroidery design, preventing it from sagging or distorting over time.

Cut-away stabilisers offer a durable foundation for embroidery, especially on fabrics like denim, canvas, or knits, which may otherwise stretch or pucker during stitching. They ensure that the stitches remain crisp even after repeated washing or wearing. Fabrics like knits or stretchy materials tend to stretch or distort under the tension of embroidery stitches. Cut-away stabilisers stabilise the fabric during stitching, minimizing the risk of distortion and producing smoother, more professional-looking embroidery results.

When embroidering dense or intricate designs, especially those with a high stitch count, cut-away stabilisers also provide essential support to prevent the fabric from puckering or bunching up. This is particularly important for large or detailed designs where maintaining the fabric's stability is crucial.

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