Kwik Sew Sewing Patterns

Check out our full range of Kwik Sew sewing patterns highly recommended for beginners or experienced sewists who want to rustle something up in a hurry. This is thanks to their clear, simple instructions and colour coded cutting lines which show up brilliantly on white paper as opposed to tissue paper. We have every item of clothing you could wish for in the Kwik Sew women’s, men’s and children’s sections and the Kwik Sew home and crafts and women’s accessories sections are full of great ideas too. We always ensure new pattern releases are updated on our website immediately so you can be the first to see the latest designs.

We also take the time to carefully organise them so you are able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. We pride ourselves on the fact our business is run by sewers for sewers, which means we are always on hand to offer advice where it is needed. The tip we give out most frequently to beginner dressmakers is to always use your actual measurements and refer to the size chart provided on the pattern rather than assuming you will be your usual dress size. Dress sizes in the shops have changed in recent years whereas sewing patterns haven’t! So what are you waiting for?! Choose your Kwik Sew pattern and get going, you’ll have something beautiful and unique rustled up in no time!

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