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A selection of snap fasteners, otherwise known as press-studs. Many sizes and types all available in several colours and finishes.

When using fashion snaps or eyelets please  use the following guidelines.

  • Always mark the position of the snaps or eyelets before punching any holes or fixing snaps marking both top and bottom parts and making sure they line up together. We suggest using a tailor's awl or marker pen.
  • Use a solid surface beneath your fabric. It should have no spring or bounce as this will interfere with the power needed to close the eyelet or snap effectively.
  • Keep the head of the hammer perfectly flat, otherwise hammering at an angle will cause the snaps to close unevenly. Hammer steadily and slowly and listen as the sound will deepen as the snap closes.
  • Always place a layer of interlining or lightweight fabric between your hammer and the fabric as this will reduce any damage to the snap.
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