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Sewing Machines

A good sewing machine is an essential part of any good sewists toolkit. The trick is finding the right one to suit your individual needs and we are experts at helping you to do just that.

We stock a wide range of leading brands including Brother, Husqvarna Viking, Janome and Pfaff. Within each of these brands you will find sewing machines for sale for beginners right through to the more experienced sewer. 

You might know exactly what you are looking for, but if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice we can help you navigate our range of machines using our expert advice. 

If you are a beginner sewer it is best to choose a machine that you can grow into as your skills develop so that your purchase lasts a long time. If you are an experienced sewer think about the things you wish your current sewing machine would do or where it is holding you back. 

Think about which sewing projects you like to work on and whether you might like to branch out in the future.

If you are a dressmaker a range of buttonholes and needle positions plus options for additional sewing machine feet can be incredibly useful.

If you prefer quilting and patchwork projects look for a machine with a good amount of space under the arm, which makes it easier to work with these bulky projects. Also check out the range of machine feet available for the machine, a quarter inch foot is essential to quilting and patchwork projects and a walking foot is also very helpful. A good range of stitches and the option for free motion embroidery are useful for customisation and decoration of your quilts. 

There are also lots of other useful features found on many modern sewing machines including automatic thread cutters to snip the threads at the touch of a button or needle up down to help with tasks such as sewing around corners. All in all the sewing machine has come a long way from the models of the past, some even come equipped with touch screen technology, sensor systems, and many more modern features which make using sewing machines a delight.

We have included detailed descriptions for each sewing machine listing the features and benefits and what comes in the box, but if you need any help discussing your options do drop us an email and we will be very happy to help.

All of our sewing machines come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

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