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Embroidery Stabilisers

We have large stocks of every type of machine embroidery stabiliser, including wash away, heat away, fusible, self adhesive, cut away and our own brand tearaway (which can also be used as a cutaway) which is extremely economical and probably the best value for money on the market.

If you haven't been able to find what you're looking for here, head over to our sewing machine accessories page to see more of our collections of accessories for your sewing machine.

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Embroidery stabilisers, also known as embroidery backing or embroidery interfacing, are materials used to support and stabilise fabric during the machine embroidery process. They are essential for achieving clean, professional-looking embroidery designs, especially on fabrics that are prone to stretching or distorting under the tension of embroidery stitches. Stabilisers help to maintain the fabric's shape, prevent puckering or wrinkling, and provide a sturdy base for the stitches.

There are various types of embroidery stabilisers available, each suited for different fabrics and embroidery techniques. We stock a wide range here at Sew Essential:

  • Water-soluble stabilisers, or wash-away stabilisers, dissolve in water and are used for embroidering delicate or sheer fabrics like organza, lace, or netting. They provide temporary support during stitching and are completely removed by rinsing with water after embroidery.
  • Tearaway stabilisers are designed to be easily removed after the embroidery is complete. They are suitable for stable to semi-stable fabrics.
  • Cutaway stabilisers are typically made of a non-woven fabric and are meant to remain attached to the fabric after embroidery. They provide strong support and are ideal for stable fabrics like cotton, denim, or canvas.
  • Heat-away stabilisers dissolve when exposed to heat. They are suitable for fabrics that can't be submerged in water but can withstand heat, such as velvet or faux fur.
  • Adhesive / Stick-on Stabilisers have a sticky backing that adheres to the fabric, providing stability during embroidery. They are great for small or intricate designs.
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