Sewing Scissors

When selecting a pair of sewing scissors, it's important that you're choosing not just the best pair but also the most suitable pair. When it comes to choosing sewing scissors, the most popular scissors for sewing are dressmaking scissors and tailors shears. These scissors are great for cutting fabrics due to their longer blades to provide greater precision and ease of use.

The Best Scissors For Sewing

When searching for sewing scissors a lot of people ask themselves, what is the difference between scissors and shears? Shears have 6" or longer blades for quicker and easier cutting whereas scissors have blades under 6". For most sewing projects you will generally look for a pair of dressmaking scissors or tailors shears, possibly with a pair of embroidery scissors to compliment them for those cuts requiring a finer tip.

Our selection of scissors and shears offer you an incredible choice of over a hundred different products to choose from courtesy of leading brands such as Clover, Janome, Kai, Hemline and Triumph. With products to suit every type of sewing project, from shears for precisely cutting through large quantities of fabrics to patchwork and applique scissors for more specific tasks, we are confident that you will find an item fit for purpose while browsing through our collection of sewing scissors.

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