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  • What Sewing Tools Do I Need To Start Sewing?

    What Sewing Tools Do I Need To Start Sewing

    You've decided you'd like to start sewing (yippee!) but what sewing tools do you need? Like any new hobby you want to have the necessary equipment to make it easy and enjoyable, but you don't want to spend a fortune in case it doesn't work out (trust us, it will!) Here's our no nonsense guide to getting that balance juuuuust right.

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  • Sewing the Cielo Dress and Top

    Sewing the Cielo Dress and Top

    The day we started stocking the Cielo dress and top pattern by Closet Case all sewing plans went out of the window! I knew I needed the dress version in my life, which I loved so much I ended up making the top too and that almost never happens! Read on to find out why I loved it so much.

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  • Sewing the Trends Autumn 2019

    Sewing the Trends Autumn 2019

    Autumn has officially arrived so it's time to start sewing the key trends of the new season. I've picked out six Autumn trends from the High Street plus the sewing patterns and fabrics you can use to recreate the looks. You can even mix and match the individual pieces to create a capsule wardrobe. Get ready for some autumnal tones and seriously cosy vibes. Continue reading

  • Sewing a Jersey Playsuit McCalls 7755

    Sewing a Jersey Playsuit McCalls 7755

    We're drawing to the end of summer here in the UK and an odd time to be sewing a jersey playsuit. However, with a winter sun holiday just around the corner and a need to top up on those poolside garments it was just the ticket. A lovely quick, easy sew, massively comfortable to wear and available in full length trouser versions too.

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Fix Stitch Quality Problems

    How to Fix Stitch Quality Problems

    As a specialist sewing machine dealer for over 15 years we've helped many customers to overcome stitch quality problems. In our experience the vast majority of problems can be easily resolved at home by following these 7 tips.

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  • Sewing the Penny Dress by Sew Over It

    Sewing the Penny Dress by Sew Over It

    I've been talking about sewing a shirt dress since time began and the Penny dress by Sew Over It was always on the shortlist. A super simple sew it was a great way to test the water in the shirt dress world and I'm pleased to report I love it!

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  • My Top Five Sewing Machine Feet

    My Top Five Sewing Machine Feet

    Having the right tools for the job can make such a difference to any sewing task, especially when it comes to sewing machine feet. Ok it is possible to complete most tasks with a very limited selection of feet, but use the feet designed with the specific task in mind and they can take it from tricky and time consuming to fun and easy. Here I share my top five sewing machine feet, which save me time and my sanity! Continue reading

  • Sewing a Burda 6344 Jersey Sundress

    Sewing a Burda 6344 Jersey Sundress

    The Burda 6344 jersey sundress has been on my radar since it was released last summer. So many of the features immediately jumped out at me - the V neck created by the wrap dress design plus twisted spaghetti straps and it's for jersey fabrics AKA ultimate comfort. Tick, tick, tick! Let me tell you all about the making of this lovely dress.

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  • Fabric Haul July 2019

    Fabric Haul July 2019

    It's time for some fabric loving folks! This month I've picked out a few of my favourites for summer and, as always, I make suggestions for sewing patterns to pair them with.

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  • Sewing the Ogden Cami

    Sewing the Ogden Cami

    I would argue the Ogden cami by True Bias is one of the most well known and well loved sewing patterns on the indie pattern scene. As summer rolls round it seems to gather in popularity each year, popping up left, right and centre on my Instagram feed. Finally I got around to making one and I'm so pleased it lived up to expectations.

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