Patchwork & Quilting

The right patchwork and quilting tools, fabrics and materials will give you a professional, seamless finish and make your project a pleasure to complete. From rotary cutters and rulers to self healing mats, battings, wadding, fleeces and tools we've got just what you need. Whether it is a pretty patchwork cushion to brighten up your sitting room or a quilt for a special occasion you need the right patchwork and quilting fabric. As with our dressmaking fabrics we only select the best and have the Tilda range at the best prices you'll find anywhere so there's nothing to stop you falling in love with the pretty designs.

Quilting & Patchwork - Everything You Need

With our range of quilting and patchwork tools you will have everything you need to create pristine quilting projects. If your passion is patchwork, you will find we have an excellent range of patchwork fabrics, tools and other materials that can perfectly compliment your projects. If you’re not sure which quilting and patchwork products are right for your project or you have any questions that need answering, we are happy to help – just get in touch.

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