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Wash-Away Stabilisers

Washaway Stabilisers have several uses. Films are used when embroidering on fabrics with pile to prevent the design from sinking, whereas fabric washaway is used for lace.

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Wash-away stabiliser, also known as water-soluble stabiliser, is excellent for machine embroidery projects where the stabiliser needs to be completely removed from the finished piece, leaving behind just the embroidered design. It dissolves in water, making it ideal for delicate or sheer fabrics where traditional tearaway or cutaway stabilisers may not be suitable. Here at sew Essential we stock a wide range of wash-away stabilisers that are great for the following:

  • Embroidering delicate fabrics such as organza, chiffon, lace, or netting. These fabrics may not withstand the tension of stitches or the tearing process required with tearaway stabilisers. The wash-away stabiliser provides temporary support during stitching and can be easily removed by rinsing with water, leaving behind a clean, unstretched embroidery design.
  • Create free-standing embroidery designs, such as lace ornaments or appliques. After embroidering the design onto the stabiliser, the excess stabiliser is dissolved in water, leaving behind a stand-alone embroidered piece.
  • Used for techniques like cutwork and reverse applique, where portions of the fabric are cut away after embroidery to reveal the underlying fabric. The stabiliser provides support during stitching and can be dissolved afterward, leaving behind the intricate cutwork or applique design.
  • Can be used as a base for embroidery on quilting blocks or patchwork projects. They provide stability during stitching and can be easily removed, leaving the fabric soft and free from any residue.
  • Wash-away stabilisers can be used as temporary support for embroidery on stable fabrics, especially when working on intricate or densely stitched designs. Once the embroidery is complete, the stabiliser can be dissolved, leaving behind the embroidered design without any trace of the stabiliser.
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