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Tear-Away Stabiliser

Tearaway stabiliser is the most commonly used type for machine embroidery. Our own brand is very popular, excellent value for money and is suitable for most applications. Other popular brands are Inspira, Gutermann and Madeira.

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Tear-away stabiliser is used in machine embroidery to provide support and stability to the fabric during the stitching process. It is called "tear-away" because, once the embroidery is complete, you can tear away the excess stabiliser easily.

Before you start machine embroidering on a piece of fabric, especially lightweight or stretchy fabrics, you will need to stabilize it to prevent distortion or puckering during the stitching process. Tear-away stabiliser is one of the options for this purpose. The tear-away stabiliser is placed on below the fabric, and the two are placed together in the embroidery hoop.

As the embroidery machine begins stitching, the tear-away stabiliser provides support to the fabric. It helps prevent the stitches from sinking into the fabric or causing it to pucker. Once the embroidery is finished, you can remove the hoop from the machine and tear away the excess stabiliser from around the back of the embroidered design. The tear-away feature makes this process quick and convenient.

Tear-away stabiliser is known for leaving a clean finish on the backside of the embroidery. It doesn't add bulk to the fabric, and the torn edges are not visible from the front side for the fabric.

Tear-away stabilisers are suitable for a wide range of projects, but there are also other types of stabilisers like cut-away stabilisers and water-soluble stabilisers that serve different purposes in machine embroidery.

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